今天用 simpehtmldom 做一个抓取功能,报错 zend_mm_heap corrupted,后来在stackoverflow 找到一个comment,

so i tried using a benchmark script, and tried recording where the script was hanging up. i discovered that just before the error, a php object was instantiated, and it took more than 3 seconds to complete
what the object was supposed to do, whereas in the previous loops it took max 0.4 seconds. i ran this test quite a few times, and every time the same. i thought instead of making a new object every time, (there is a long loop here), i should reuse the object.
i have tested the script more than a dozen times so far, and the memory errors have disappeared!

以上就介绍了zend_mm_heap corrupted,包括了方面的内容,希望对php教程有兴趣的朋友有所帮助。

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