“””`gravatar `_”””

# import code for encoding urls and generating md5 hashesimport urllib2, hashlib

# make response slow if verify whether default avatar or not.# so let js do it, see `/static/js/article.js`.def gravatar_url(email, size=40, verify_default=false): “””construct the gravatar url.””” gravatar_url = ”.join([‘’, hashlib.md5(email.lower()).hexdigest(), ‘?s=%d’ % size]) # if default return none if (verify_default): gravatar_url += ‘&d=404’ try: urllib2.urlopen(gravatar_url) except urllib2.urlerror, e: return none return gravatar_url

if __name__ == ‘__main__’: import webbrowser as wb for email in [‘’]: url = gravatar_url(email) print(url) if url: