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python 3.5.0a3 was released on march 30th, 2015.

major new features of the 3.5 series, compared to 3.4

python 3.5 is still in development, and 3.5.0a1 is the second alpha release.
many new features are still being planned and written. among the new major new features
and changes in the 3.4 release series so far are

pep 461, adding support for “%-formatting” for bytes and bytearray objectspep 465, a new operator (@) for matrix multiplicationpep 475, adding support for automatic retries of interrupted system callspep 471, os.scandir()
本回答至少在很多地方有错误 详情python 3.5 中 pep0484 新加入的 type hints 的使用方法是什么? – 酿泉的回答怒答,今天看到,昨天发布的,python 3.5b1 有类型检查模块了!以前有 mypy,现在终于是官方的了!def fuck(x: fuck) -> fuck 这种语法以前唯一的意义在能让 pycharm 补全python release python 3.5.0b1pep 484, the typing module, a new standard for type annotations好爽,好爽,狂喜乱舞中!这一刻,typescript flow typedracket 灵魂附体!现在 python 某种程度上能同时享受静态类型语言的安全和动态类型语言的灵活性了,某种程度。正在看 pep 0484 — type hints 。

from typing import typevar, iterable, tuple
t = typevar(‘t’, int, float, complex)
vector = iterable[tuple[t, t]]
def inproduct(v: vector) -> t:
return sum(x*y for x, y in v)

python 3.5将支持async/await异步编程

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